By Stephen Busken

    the interview: In your own words, how would you describe yourself as an actress? I’m not sure how to answer that.  I’m not sure that who I am as a person is different from who I am as an actress.  For me it’s all the different sides of me, that aren’t always expressed […]



It is most difficult to be natural the moment when one becomes self-aware. A child is the best painter, but most grow up to say “I can’t paint”. It is the same for acting.


Copyright Shirin Neshat Courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York

What is your award winning film, “Women Without Men,” particularly and generally about? Women Without Men, is an adaptation of Shahrnush Parsipur’s magical realist novel.  The story follows the intertwining lives of four Iranian women during the summer of 1953, a cataclysmic moment in Iranian history when an American-led, British-backed coup d’état brought down the […]


Photography by James White

Monica Bellucci Venus of Umbria The book, Monica Bellucci, published by Rizzoli, is a savory volume of photographs celebrating the varying modes of the international actress and sex symbol. The book really begins on page 10 with her image, at age thirteen, taken by a local goldsmith named Lino. One sees a very young and […]