aRUDE: cinema


I believe that actors can become better for sure. But I do believe that it is a talent and something you are born with. That’s the same with anything though. You can go to see many doctors, some may be good and others great, or financiers, anything you can learn but some people are born with specific gifts.



Happiness always fluctuates. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I really try and find it in everything because it IS there.



When you mention ‘poetry,’ I consider the language of this film from beginning to end as visual poetry. Like a poet we essentially depended on the use of allegory and metaphor to tell our story.



The expressiveness of her left hand in counterpoint to the closed right hand of the makeup-artist whose thin brush hesitates millimeters from Monica’s left eye, highlights the brilliance of her eyes that burn through and beyond everything within reach.